Sunday, 9 November 2008


Well my first homecoming ever has come and gone (no pun intended). It was actually the first football game that since coming to school that I've been able to go to. I haven't been missing much... Our football team is still riding on their last conference championship won in oh... 1998! If you go to a McDaniel football game you go to support your friends on the team and for the social aspect NOT to watch the insane about of skill taking place in front of you because there is none :-) I did go for the first two reasons though and had a good time doing so. Me and my friends had a good time hanging out last night afterwards too avoiding all of the tons of alumni walking around campus reminiscing about their days on the campus of Western Maryland College since the school only fairly recently changed the name, long story don't ask. Over all though it was a good day. I had never been to any type of homecoming before because my high school didn't have it but there is a first time for everything and this was definitely a good first.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Never forget...

How could I not post this picture after tonight? I was in my friends' room watching the news when the announcer said "Barrack Obama is the 44th President of the United States." For a moment we all sat there in complete shock of what we had all just heard... then everything went CRAZY! People were running through the hallways yelling, air horns were going off, pots and pans were clattering, people poured out from the dorms running to Red Square in the center of campus. I ran there with my roommate and other friends with so many others yelling and screaming around us. I stood there taking it all in when I saw my friend Laura. She ran towards me and snatched me up in a huge hug while screaming "This is history, WE'RE APART OF HISTORY!" Chants of "Obama, Obama!" and "Yes, we can!" went up all around us. More people made their way to the square, camera flashes were going off, hugs were all around everyone was just ecstatic. When we all came to our senses we all ran to hear his speech. Laura, Anna and I ran back to my room and just sat there taking in what we heard. Tonight will forever be in my memory. I've never experienced something like this before... It was amazing seeing history take place. I was a part of history. Yes, Laura WE are a part of history!