Sunday, 12 October 2008

My Girls

Okay, Whitney gave me a hard time on Friday night about mentioning Megan and Kerri in another post SO I'm making it up to her by posting not one but TWO pictures. Megan and Kerri just got mentioned and now Whitney and Jess get pictures as well as getting written about. (Whitney, this means you have to comment!). 

Anyway, these are two shots from Friday night. Our Fall Break started and most people had left, except for us lovely ladies, so we wandered around campus a bit and hung out. They were good sports and didn't nag me too much about lagging behind taking pictures. So, thanks girls for being good sports. Especially when I made you sit on the fence for these shots... Like I told you guys, I'm sure it won't be the last time! :-)


Robert said...

I'm glad you posted b&w and color. It makes for an interesting study of what works. For me, I find the color takes away from the feel of the image so I much prefer the black and white. I'm glad you have patient friends. Enjoy your break. :)

Whitney said...

It was worth the waiting. I really like the black and white one. What about the photos of leaves?